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I’ve been on a Airplane,

I love dribbling a Basketball and dunking,

I live In Canada,

I like going to the Docks to see the boats,

I like eating scrambled Eggs for breakfast,

My favorite season is Fall,

One of my favorite colors is Green,

I’m good at Handwriting,

I am Industrious, 

I’ve watched the movie Jack and Jill,

I found out Kiribati is a island

I like Lizards but my favorite lizard is a bearded dragon,

I have a dog named Meeka,

My name is Nathan,

I like sea Otters,

I like to Play soccer a lot,

I like Quails,

I like the movie Lord Of The Rings,

I have a dog named Stella,

I am a Thinker,

I like games from Unity,

I like playing Volleyball,

I like the Winter,

I’ve never had a X-Ray,

I have a Yo-Yo,

I like going to Zoos,

Those are all the words in the alphabet,

thank you for reading this post.

Have a great day.

Sincerely, Nathan

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4 thoughts on “ABC Of Me

  1. Jaben

    Hi Nathan, it’s Jaben.
    I like dribbling in basketball too. But I’m definitely not as tall as you so I could’t dunk. I’ve never had an X-ray before ether and I’m glad I didn’t. I’ve only been to a zoo once but I liked it.
    Over and out,

    1. Nathan Post author

      Hello Jaben,
      that’s cool, you have something in common that I like to do in basketball.
      I’m glad that I haven’t had a x-ray to, What zoo did you go to?
      Have a great day.
      Sincerely, Nathan

    1. Nathan Post author

      Hi Quinn,
      You should make a abc post about you, I could learn stuff about you that I haven’t.
      Thank you for commenting on your blog, I will check out your blog
      Have a great day.
      Sincerely, Nathan


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