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Hello bloggers,

Do you play Basketball? If you do when did you start playing basketball?

I started playing basketball when I was five, I’m still playing basketball with friends or family.

I like dribbling the ball a lot an dunking the ball, those are my favorite things to do in basketball, what are your favorite things to do in basketball?

I usually play basketball with my dad and friend, we play a game of twenty one, it’s were you stand on a line and the line could go any were its up to you were it goes, you shoot from the line and if you get it in then that’s two points if you miss you can get the ball only if the ball hits the ground once if it hits the ground more than once than you can’t shoot again, you take the shot were ever you get the ball and if you get it in then that’s one point and then its the other players turn, so that’s how you play a game of twenty one.

I’m not on a basketball team but are school has a basketball team so I might join the team this year.

Hopefully you have heard about twenty one before if you haven’t you should try it, its really fun.

Have a great day.

Sincerely, Nathan

2 thoughts on “Basketball

  1. Trey

    Hey Nathan,
    I like to play basket ball to. I’m not on a team but I’m considering joining one. I have a hoop outside my house and I play with my brother sometimes. We play 21 just like you. Bye now, Trey

    1. Nathan Post author

      Hello Trey
      I am going to join are schools basketball team, that’s cool how you play the same game as me and my dad.
      Whats your favorite thing to do in basketball?
      Have a great day.
      Sincerely, Nathan


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