The Philippines

Hello everyone,

this March I went to the Philippines in Daet with my family.


The whole trip here was 31 hours we had to take two planes, the first plane was 11 hours and the second plane was 4 hours, then we had to take a bus ride to Daet that took 8 hours but it was all worth it because there beaches are so nice and my cousins are really fun.

We had fun going to Bagasbus beach and had fun surfing, I found a lot of coral walking on the beach. We also went to a resort called the pineapple resort it was a lot of fun going down the slides and racing my dad down the slides.

When I first got a wave I didn’t stand up but the second time I went I stood up and got the wave and after that I could stand up on the surf board every time.

That’s all I have to say about my trip to the Philippines in this post, I hope you liked it, have a great day.

Sincerely, Nathan


4 thoughts on “The Philippines

  1. Trey

    Hey Nathan, that sounds like a blast! That travel time does sound super long, but I guess it would be 100 percent worth it. Iv’e never been surfing before, nor a place I could surf unless there’s some good local spot. My family was thinking about going to Mexico this Christmas, do you have any tips for a beginner surfer? Bye now, sincerly, Google Eater a.k.a Trey

    1. Nathan Post author

      Hey Trey,
      yes it was 100 percent worth it, surfing tip when you catch a wave stand up quickly don’t stand up slowly or you will fall off.
      That’s awesome iv’e never been to mexico but I heard it was great there.
      Sincerely, Nathan

  2. kylaaems2017

    hello my name is Kyla (Katherine) but people mostly call me Katherine either one is fine. i hear it’s nice their, i have a friend or two from the Philippines, but when i get older i want to go their with my friends, me and my friends want to travel around the world :), well half of the world! what part did you go to?
    hope to hear from you!
    Sincerely, Kyla (Katherine) 🙂

    1. Nathan Post author

      Hey Kyla.
      It’s very nice there, we where outside 98% of the time when we where there.
      That’s cool how you have two friends in the Philippines, I just have cousins there and when I was there i made a few friends.
      that’s cool how you want to travel around the world when your older with friends.
      I stayed in Daet most of the time and I visited Bicol and Mayon, when I was in Mayon I when’t to the Mayon volcano it was fun because we got go quadding to the 2006 lava wall.
      have a great day.
      sincerely, Nathan


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