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Hello everyone,

in this post i’m going to be talking about my dream car and basically all the models of the car.

Image result for all different kinds of camaros

In this picture it shows in the bottom right corner a Camaro that was made in the 2000, in the top left corner it shows a 1968 Camaro SS, the bottom left corner is a Camaro from the 1990, the top right corner is a 1980 Camaro Z28, and the middle car is a Camaro ss 2010.

Out of all these cars my favorite car is the 1968 Camaro SS, what is your favorite Camaro?

That’s all I have to say about Camaros hopefully you liked it.

Sincerely, Nathan

Would You Rather 2

Hello Everyone.

in this post I’m going to be talking about would your rather, again.

Would You Rather ...

1.Would you rather, lose your hearing or lose your sense of taste? I would lose my hearing because id like to taste what I’m eating.

2.Would you rather, never to speak again or never to stop talking? I would do never to speak again because it would be annoying for me and everyone else.

3.Would you rather, have to run over hot coal or run over broken glass? I would walk over hot coal because it wouldn’t stick to my feet and I think it would be easier.

4.Would you rather, not have to pay for gas for life or never to get tired from running? I would never to have to pay for gas for life because I already have good stamina.

5.Would you rather, have a really nice old car or a really nice new car? I would have a really nice old car because they look nicer to me.

6.Would you rather, not be able to play basketball or not be able to play soccer? I would choose not be able to play soccer because basketball is my favorite sport.

7.Would you rather, Be famous for sports or be famous for acting? I would want to be famous for sports because I love playing sports.

8.Would you rather, be an artist or an actor? I would rather be an actor because I think it would be fun being different characters in movies.

9.Would you rather, swim in a lake or swim in a ocean? I would rather swim in a lake because the water doesn’t have salt in the water.

10.Would you rather, have a big house with a tiny yard or a small house with a giant yard? I would have a small house with a giant yard because I would have a lot of space to put a pool or anything else and my dogs could run a lot there.

Those are all the would your rather’s I have so far, hopefully you like it, and comment what you would pick for the would you rather’s

Sincerely, Nathan