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Hello everyone,

Have you seen anyone that’s homeless? If you have were did you see them?

Because I have seen them in Vancouver and Courtenay and even Comox.

Here are some facts about the homeless in Comox Valley, that 55% are out and not under a roof or a tent, 45% are in tents and shelters, 57% are female and 42% are male, 66% are from the Comox Valley and 31% are from other parts of Vancouver Island, 42% have a Indigenous background.

Now onto the poem,

A Life On The Street
A homeless man is sitting on the sidewalk,
Hoping he will get better luck today,
And a little girl walks past him saying “hello”
And he smiled and said “hello” back,
Someone came by and gave him money
And he said “thank you” while smiling,
And the same little girl
Gave him a sandwich and he said ” thank you”,
The little girl went back to her mother
And said to her “see mom they are normal people like us”,
And he said while they kept on walking
“Its kind people like that,
that makes me get up in the morning”.

Hopefully you like this poem, if you learned more about the homelessness on Vancouver Island tell me what facts you learned about.

Have a great day.

Sincerely, Nathan