Hello everyone,

in this post i’m going to be talking about my dream car and basically all the models of the car.

Image result for all different kinds of camaros

In this picture it shows in the bottom right corner a Camaro that was made in the 2000, in the top left corner it shows a 1968 Camaro SS, the bottom left corner is a Camaro from the 1990, the top right corner is a 1980 Camaro Z28, and the middle car is a Camaro ss 2010.

Out of all these cars my favorite car is the 1968 Camaro SS, what is your favorite Camaro?

That’s all I have to say about Camaros hopefully you liked it.

Sincerely, Nathan

Would You Rather 2

Hello Everyone.

in this post I’m going to be talking about would your rather, again.

Would You Rather ...

1.Would you rather, lose your hearing or lose your sense of taste? I would lose my hearing because id like to taste what I’m eating.

2.Would you rather, never to speak again or never to stop talking? I would do never to speak again because it would be annoying for me and everyone else.

3.Would you rather, have to run over hot coal or run over broken glass? I would walk over hot coal because it wouldn’t stick to my feet and I think it would be easier.

4.Would you rather, not have to pay for gas for life or never to get tired from running? I would never to have to pay for gas for life because I already have good stamina.

5.Would you rather, have a really nice old car or a really nice new car? I would have a really nice old car because they look nicer to me.

6.Would you rather, not be able to play basketball or not be able to play soccer? I would choose not be able to play soccer because basketball is my favorite sport.

7.Would you rather, Be famous for sports or be famous for acting? I would want to be famous for sports because I love playing sports.

8.Would you rather, be an artist or an actor? I would rather be an actor because I think it would be fun being different characters in movies.

9.Would you rather, swim in a lake or swim in a ocean? I would rather swim in a lake because the water doesn’t have salt in the water.

10.Would you rather, have a big house with a tiny yard or a small house with a giant yard? I would have a small house with a giant yard because I would have a lot of space to put a pool or anything else and my dogs could run a lot there.

Those are all the would your rather’s I have so far, hopefully you like it, and comment what you would pick for the would you rather’s

Sincerely, Nathan

The Philippines

Hello everyone,

this March I went to the Philippines in Daet with my family.


The whole trip here was 31 hours we had to take two planes, the first plane was 11 hours and the second plane was 4 hours, then we had to take a bus ride to Daet that took 8 hours but it was all worth it because there beaches are so nice and my cousins are really fun.

We had fun going to Bagasbus beach and had fun surfing, I found a lot of coral walking on the beach. We also went to a resort called the pineapple resort it was a lot of fun going down the slides and racing my dad down the slides.

When I first got a wave I didn’t stand up but the second time I went I stood up and got the wave and after that I could stand up on the surf board every time.

That’s all I have to say about my trip to the Philippines in this post, I hope you liked it, have a great day.

Sincerely, Nathan


Would you rather

Would You Rather ...

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Hello bloggers,

I’m going to be doing would you rather questions for you and me, starting with.

1.  Would you rather have 1 million dollars and can’t buy your dream car, or you can get your dream car and customize it however you want?

I pick get your dream car because my dream car is a  Camaro zl1 and I’ve always wanted to get the car,

2.  Would you rather be a dog or a cat?

I would be a dog because they can run faster and they are loved by humans more,

3. Would you rather have one really close friend or a group of friends?

I would pick a group of friends because I wouldn’t only have one friend to hangout with,

Those are all of the would you rather’s that I have, comment what you would pick for the would you rather’s. If you have any would you rather’s be free to comment them down below.

Have great day.

Sincerely, Nathan

Harris Burdick Mysteries: Another place another time

Hello everyone

I’m going to be writing about this picture from Harris Burdick

They stayed on the track, looking for a forgotten castle, moving day and night. The little boy looked over and saw the castle and said “over there”.

They all looked past the foggy air and saw the castle, which  was old and darkly colored, but they still knew there would be something valuable in there.

So they picked up the pace because they knew more people would be looking for it, then they saw something moving slowly in the distance but is was to foggy and dark to see what it was.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post.

Sincerely, Nathan




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Hello bloggers,

Do you have a dog? If you have a dog do you know what type of dog it is?

I have two Yorkies, Meeka is seven years old and I named her, Stella is one and a half years old, Meeka is the mother and Stella is the daughter.

We got Meeka when I was four, and Stella was born when I was nine.

They are sometimes really annoying because they don’t stop barking.

Hopefully you liked this post about my dogs.

Have a great day,

Sincerely, Nathan


Hello everyone,

Have you seen anyone that’s homeless? If you have were did you see them?

Because I have seen them in Vancouver and Courtenay and even Comox.

Here are some facts about the homeless in Comox Valley, that 55% are out and not under a roof or a tent, 45% are in tents and shelters, 57% are female and 42% are male, 66% are from the Comox Valley and 31% are from other parts of Vancouver Island, 42% have a Indigenous background.

Now onto the poem,

A Life On The Street
A homeless man is sitting on the sidewalk,
Hoping he will get better luck today,
And a little girl walks past him saying “hello”
And he smiled and said “hello” back,
Someone came by and gave him money
And he said “thank you” while smiling,
And the same little girl
Gave him a sandwich and he said ” thank you”,
The little girl went back to her mother
And said to her “see mom they are normal people like us”,
And he said while they kept on walking
“Its kind people like that,
that makes me get up in the morning”.

Hopefully you like this poem, if you learned more about the homelessness on Vancouver Island tell me what facts you learned about.

Have a great day.

Sincerely, Nathan

ABC Of Christmas

[ M E R R Y - X M A S ]

Hello everyone,

have you ever tried to do a ABC post about Christmas?

It’s really hard to find some Christmas words for Z or Y, those are the words I had to think about the most.

A- Advent Calendar, because we usually get one every year,

B- Whenever you want to go out but you have to watch out for black ice,

C- Christmas, The main event that brings families  together,

D- The most fun thing to do is decorate your house,

E- Elf, It’s a really good movie and funny movie

F- A fir tree, looking good with all the decorations on them,

G- The Grinch a funny Christmas movie, 

H- A holly a spiky plant with berries,

I- The icy ground that might make you fall,

J- Jingle bells, a song that’s been played for a long time,

K- The horror movie  Krampus will make your hair stick up,

L- All the lights on the good Christmas tree,

M- Everyone saying to one another Merry Christmas,

N- The nutcrackers, that are put up at my house,

O- Olive one of Santa’s reindeer,

P- All the presents underneath the big Christmas tree,

Q- A good Christmas quilt to wrap around you when you sleep,

R- All the reindeer line up ready to go,

S- Stockings over the fire place every year,

T- My Christmas tree is shining all brightly with a gold star on top,

U- Unwrapping your presents on Christmas day

V- Vixen, another one of santa’s reindeer,

W- A wreath hangs on my front door,

X- X-mas is a word that a lot of people use instead of Christmas,

Y- Yuletide is a classic Christmas song,

Z- A Zamboni clears the ice for you,

That’s the end of this alphabet post. Hopefully you enjoyed it, What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

Have a great day.

Sincerely, Nathan

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Just a soccer ballCreative Commons License

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Hello I’m going to be talking about soccer,

Do you like playing soccer?

I have been playing soccer since I was four, I usually play soccer in the spring.

I play it with my dad at home sometimes, I play soccer every recess at school, its really fun playing it with friends, we have a big net so we have three goalies.

My favorite thing to do in soccer is to run and shoot, What is your favorite thing about soccer?

hopefully you like this post,

Have a great day.

Sincerely, Nathan


basketball on a court in a gym

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Hello bloggers,

Do you play Basketball? If you do when did you start playing basketball?

I started playing basketball when I was five, I’m still playing basketball with friends or family.

I like dribbling the ball a lot an dunking the ball, those are my favorite things to do in basketball, what are your favorite things to do in basketball?

I usually play basketball with my dad and friend, we play a game of twenty one, it’s were you stand on a line and the line could go any were its up to you were it goes, you shoot from the line and if you get it in then that’s two points if you miss you can get the ball only if the ball hits the ground once if it hits the ground more than once than you can’t shoot again, you take the shot were ever you get the ball and if you get it in then that’s one point and then its the other players turn, so that’s how you play a game of twenty one.

I’m not on a basketball team but are school has a basketball team so I might join the team this year.

Hopefully you have heard about twenty one before if you haven’t you should try it, its really fun.

Have a great day.

Sincerely, Nathan